“What a great duo Bill and Bill are! They really play a wide variety of music and pay particular attention to what the music preferences are of the particular group. Best of all, they get everyone out there dancing! Bill is wonderful instructing those of us with two left feet on line dances.”

Christie G. - Greenville

“In addition to offering great music, they really engaged the guests and made them feel included in the celebration throughout the evening. We felt that Bill and Bill offer great service at a reasonable price and recommend them to others planning their daughter's special day!”

Joe and Catherine - Winterville

“Bill & Bill were absolutely wonderful! They kept the entire wedding reception organized and on track all while playing some of the best dance music around. They played a variety of songs and guests of all generations and dance abilities were out on the dance floor tearing it up! What makes them unique, and also one of the benefits of having two DJs, was that one of them would get out on the dance floor and teach guests the moves to the song while the other manned the booth. They knew every move to every song and were great teachers. I mean they were teaching everyone from our older guests down to my five year old cousin. This meant that even guest who thought they couldn't dance, were out they're dancing! Everyone just loved them and had a blast! Believe it or not, back when we started wedding planning, my husband and I were going around talking to other DJs and I kid you not, they all recommended Bill & Bill. You know Bill & Bill are the best when other local DJs recommend them! Choose them, they're well worth it. ”


Mrs. Cynthia W - Greenville

Bill & Bill DJ has done numerous events for Greenville Country Club and are always wonderful!

They always get the party started and get the crowd up and dancing. Working with Bill & Bill always makes planning events an easy process for us. They are dependable and very professional. We don’t hesitate highly recommending them for wedding, parties, banquets…ANYTHING!


Gray Workman

Marketing and Membership Director

Greenville Country Club

Let's Party!

Bill & Bill are great DJs to work with!

They take great strides to work with all of the vendors at the reception to make sure all of the important moments are captured. On top of that, they have infectious energy that really gets the guests going! We always enjoy working with Bill & Bill.


Elizabeth & Jeremy

Elizabeth Cayton Photography